Requests for Accommodation


The request for accommodation and the provision of the accommodation must be appropriate and timely. The Accessibility office will address requests for accommodations in a timely manner, but the institution cannot guarantee the availability of appropriate accommodations without ample lead time to make preparations and/or investigate resources.

For specialized services, such as sign language interpreting and / or captioning, the request must be made via telephone, e-mail, or in person, at least 90 days in advance of date of service.

The Accessibility office needs four to six weeks advance notice to process textbooks in an alternate format.


Acceptable documentation should include your most recent psychological evaluation,IEP (if applicable),or medical report from a physician that clearly states a diagnosis and makes suggestions for accommodations. An IEP alone is not sufficient documentation at the post-secondary level. Documentation is usually considered "current" if it is within the past three years, but the age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the disabling condition, the current status of the student, and the student's request for accommodations. Documentation should be from an appropriate credentialed professional. Verification by another institution or organization does not guarantee eligibility at the North Dakota State College of Science.

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