Current Students

  • Currently, approved students with accommodations need to meet with the Accessibility Coordinator at least once each semester.
  • Contact the Accessibility Coordinator at at (701) 671-2623 with requests as soon as possible.
  • The Disability Awareness and Self Advocacy Association (DASAA) is a student led leadership and self-advocacy group for students with disabilities. Meeting times, dates, and location can be requested through Mindi Bessler at 701-671-2623 or at if interested.
  • A representative for Voc Rehab comes to campus weekly. Call 1-800-755-2745 for an appointment.
Classroom tips for students with disabilities

Attend all classes and arrive on time, it is to your benefit.

How should I prepare for classes?

  • Read and process text before class and formulate questions to have clarified;
  • Review previous notes; and
  • Do problems, brainstorming and outlines.

How do I seek assistance?

  • Visit your instructor during office hours with questions and concerns;
  • Get peer tutoring assistance;
  • Get a study partner;
  • Go to Academic Services Center for assistance; or
  • Contact the Accessibility Support Services office for accommodations.

Hand in work on time and do not miss exams.

  • Have college-level work ready to hand in on the due date;
  • Do not use excuses to rationalize lack of preparation

Use a calendar and follow course syllabi.

  • Schedule your assignments, tests and projects accordingly;
  • Schedule at least two hours of study time for each hour of class time;
  • A 15 credit semester load is equal to a full time job.

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