Student Accessibility & Resources

Accessibility Services provides equal access and opportunity to all academic programs and campus activities for students with disabilities.


Old Main 230A
Phone: 701-671-2623

Accessibility Support Services
  • Provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, free of charge.
  • Promote the philosophy of equal access and opportunity with all North Dakota State College of Science administrators, faculty, staff and students.
  • Serve as a resource for faculty and staff on issues regarding Accessibility.
  • Refer eligible students with disabilities to academic support services (e.g. Division Academic Counselors, Academic Services Center).
  • Encourage self-advocacy for students with disabilities to increase their independence and level of self-sufficiency.
  • Make referrals to outside agencies when appropriate (e.g. Vocational Rehabilitation, Counseling Services).
Access to Accommodations

Accomodation might include:

  • Class notes
  • Audio testing
  • Enlarging of printed text
  • Removal of physical barriers

To learn more about available accommodations, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator at (701) 671-2623.

Additional Campus Accessibility Resources

Handicapped Parking
For information regarding handicapped parking, handicapped parking permits and/or temporary handicapped parking permits, contact the Campus Police Department at 701-671-2233 located in the Student Center.

Individual Counseling and Therapy

  • Riley Hall 113
  • Vincent Plummer, Counselor 701-671-2319

Campus RN

  • Riley Hall 113
  • Student Health and Counseling Services Clinic Coordinator 701-671-2286
  • Melanie Herding, Campus RN 701-671-2286

Academic and Career Counseling:
Academic and career exploration and planning, occupational information resources, career interest assessment, etc.

  • Dennis Broderick, Old Main 110C, 701-671-2263
  • Sara Mack, 701-671-2784
    NDSCS-Fargo: Room 183B
    Wahpeton: Old Main 410C
  • Mindy Tayer, Old Main 110B, 701-671-2257

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