Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) - Employer Information

What is a co-op?

A co-op offers students the opportunity to integrate career, social and personal development in to the educational process. It allows students to integrate classroom study with a paid work experience related to their field of study. It is recommended that a student has successfully completed one year of academic study within their program prior to completing a co-op.

  • A co-op student can help fill peak work times or temporary positions
  • A co-op student works as a member of your team to assist you with achieving goals
  • Employers can use co-op experiences as a recruiting tool to hire and train prospective employees
  • Students will bring energy, innovation and enthusiasm to the work place
What does the employer do?
  • Provide a practical work experience for the student
  • Supervise and evaluate the work performance of the student
  • At the end of each term, the employer completes a written evaluation of the student’s performance
  • Register with NDSCS Career Services online job posting site to post available co-op experiences or career employment opportunities
NDSCS Placement office helps by offering:
  • Assistance in posting available co-op experiences or career employment opportunities
  • Facilitates the registration process to ensure student and employer are a good match
  • Responds to questions from the student and employer
  • Works as a liaison between student, employer and faculty to create policies that maintain a quality program for all participants
  • Issues grade to the student once the student has completed necessary paperwork

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