Career Ready Internship Grant

Your opportunity to help train tomorrow’s workforce!

What is Career Ready Internship Grant?
  • Grant awarded to NDSCS that enables students paid internships related to their program of study (grant period runs from now until May 2018)
  • Reimburses employers for the cost associated (wages) with employing a student intern (employers are responsible for Social Security and Worker’s Compensation taxes)
          - Position length can vary (180 hours max per student)
          - Hourly wage set by employer
Benefits to Employers
  • Student interns can help fill peak work times or temporary positions
  • Students bring energy, innovation and enthusiasm to the work place
  • Students are trained on the latest technology, equipment and techniques in their field
  • Provide students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the work environment

Click here if you are an employer seeking an NDSCS student intern.

Benefits to NDSCS Students
  • Get a paid work experience
  • Gain hands-on training within their field of study
  • Boost their employment history on their resume
  • Find potential full-time employment after they graduate

Click here if you are a student seeking a part-time internship.

Expectations of Employers
  • Provide practical work experience for the student
  • Supervise and evaluate the work performance of the student
  • Complete final written evaluation of student’s performance
  • Cover the costs associated with Social Security and Workers’ Compensation taxes
  • Report hours worked by the student intern monthly
Student Eligibility
  1. Must have filled out FAFSA for academic year and have financial need
  2. Have to be enrolled in 1+ credit hours
  3. Must be in a program that leads to employment upon completion of the degree at NDSCS
  4. Internship must be related to students' field of study

The grant will not provide funding for students participating in:

  1. Apprenticeships
  2. Full-time internships
  3. High-school dual enrollment
  4. Co-ops or co-educational opportunities (defined as semester-long work opportunities where students only work, do not attend classes)
  5. Internships involving field work or nursing practicums
  6. Internships at religious, lobbying, political or government organizations
  7. International internships
  8. Internships for students who have graduated or transferred to a 4-year college at the time their internships begins or on-campus internships
Contact Information

For more information contact the Career Services office at 1-800-342-4325 ext. 3-3000 or

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