Powersports Technology

Helm Marine 
Located on North Shore Drive on Richmond Lake, Helm Marine offers Premier Pontoons, Yarcraft boats, BassCat boats, Mercury, Evinrude and Full Service on all products by our trained technicians. Helm Marine provides the equipment and the service to make lake living fun, easy and hassle-free!

North Dakota Air National Guard 
The Air National Guard's 119th Wing is located in Fargo, ND. Our missions include Operation and Maintenance of the MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as well as Cyber Intelligence. The "Happy Hooligans" have been located in Fargo for 70 years. We are the recipients of 19 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards and have one of the best flight safety records in the Air National Guard. Because of our history of excellence, we are seeking self-motivated individuals with high moral character.

Marine Corps Officer Program
The Marine Officer Program is designed to find highly qualified college students who want to serve as officers of Marines. The program is competitive and highly selective. Here are some basics about the program: No obligation: We want you to want to be here. If you get selected and do not make it through training or if you quit, there is no obligatory service Over 20 ground officer positions ranging from intelligence, infantry, logistics, engineering, to air traffic control, Guaranteed aviation Leadership responsibilities and opportunities that commonly take years to develop College freshman through college graduates can apply. The chance to do something few could ever do.

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