Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene

Fargo VA Health Care System
VA Hospital in Fargo ND, providing health care to veterans.

Helmich Dental Services, LLC
Full service dental office, in NW Minnesota, only an hour from Grand Forks, 4 days work week, in need of a hygienist now, full, or part time, and another hygienist needed in the late summer. Both would need to be licensed in Minnesota.

North Dakota Army National Guard
SSG Derek Hjelseth will be attending the career fair on behalf of the North Dakota Army National Guard.  SSG Hjelseth will provide information on the military careers and the many benefits that the Army National Guard provides.

Northern Dental Staffing Services, LLC
Northern Dental Staffing Services, LLC provides temporary dental staffing to dental offices in ND and MN. This is an excellent opportunity for new dental assistants and dental hygienists to get clinical experience out of school. Our dental clients also contact us with permanent position openings in their offices and often request our professionals for interviews.

United States Air Force
United States Air Force is hiring for a variety of positions in 150 career specialties worldwide. Previous skills are not required. We provide paid training, housing, medical, dental, and free college tuition at no cost. We also provide opportunities for advancement and retirement plans.

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