Culinary Arts

Custer State Park Resort 
As an authorized concessionaire of South Dakota's Department of Game, Fish and Parks, Custer State Park Resorts operates 4 major resorts within the beautiful, 71,000 acre Custer State Park in the Heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota. These resort facilities provide visitor services, including historic lodges, motels, cabins, dining facilities, and gift shops.

Food Service of America 
We are a broad line food distributor servicing independent and chain restaurants, health care facilities, schools, etc. We employ Class A CDL drivers, Warehouse associates, Diesel Mechanics, Sales associates, and a variety of Office personnel.

Grocery Retail.

Labor Ready

Sanford Health 
Sanford Health is excited to be on a journey of tremendous growth and momentum. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, Sanford Medical Center currently features 583 beds and offers the region’s busiest Level 2 Trauma Center. Sanford Medical Center is a Top 100 Hospital and Top 100 Heart Hospital and includes Centers of Excellence in the areas of Children’s, Women’s, Orthopedics, Heart and Cancer.

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation 
Medora is host to over 250,000 visitors from around the world annually. The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation hires more than 300 employees each year to fill a variety of seasonal job positions. On average, each year people from all over the United States as well as 20+ foreign countries are represented by our seasonal staff.

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