Culinary Arts

Our first store was opened in Moorhead in 1951 by Ted Hornbacher on the corner of Eighth Street and Main Avenue as "Ted’s SUPERVALU". As our community grew, so did Hornbacher’s adding stores following our customers to the developing neighborhoods. We now operate eight locations in Fargo, Moorhead and Grand Forks and are known as HORNBACHER’S, our long-standing family name. Throughout our history we have driven to have the highest quality and freshest perishable products and are constantly looking to improve and expand our fresh offerings. This includes fresh produce, excellent meat and seafood, made from-scratch baked goods, and home-made deli salads at all locations. We also offer convenient in-store banks, Caribou coffee shops and pharmacies. We strive to provide services that are tailored to the specific needs of the neighborhoods we serve.

ND Army National Guard
Military positions, more than 50 different career fields

United States Air Force
We are a federal military organization that is hiring for over 140 different career fields globally. We have immediate job openings in the maintenance and electrical fields. Starting pay is $40,000; no experience required. We offer free housing, free medical/dental insurance with unlimited sick leave, $400,000 life insurance, $88,0000 college scholarship, 30 days paid vacation, and retirement options. Ages 17-39 may apply.

North Dakota Air National Guard 
The Air National Guard's 119th Wing is located in Fargo, ND. Our missions include Operation and Maintenance of the MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as well as Cyber Intelligence. The "Happy Hooligans" have been located in Fargo for 70 years. We are the recipients of 19 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards and have one of the best flight safety records in the Air National Guard. Because of our history of excellence, we are seeking self-motivated individuals with high moral character.

Marine Corps Officer Program 
The Marine Officer Program is designed to find highly qualified college students who want to serve as officers of Marines. The program is competitive and highly selective. Here are some basics about the program: No obligation: We want you to want to be here. If you get selected and do not make it through training or if you quit, there is no obligatory service Over 20 ground officer positions ranging from intelligence, infantry, logistics, engineering, to air traffic control, Guaranteed aviation Leadership responsibilities and opportunities that commonly take years to develop College freshman through college graduates can apply. The chance to do something few could ever do

Lake Region Healthcare

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation 
"Work and Play in Medora The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) hires more than 300 employees each year to fill a variety of seasonal job positions. On average, each year people from all over the United States as well as 20+ foreign countries are represented by our seasonal employees. Our staff consists of high school and college students, working adults, and retired adults from across the United States, as well as a diverse mix of international employees from across the globe!"

Proz Lakeside at the COVE
Proz Lakeside at the Cove, is in a fast paced resort atmosphere, where we have a full service dining room, Bar & patio area.  Capacity is around 200 seats.  We are located on the beautiful shores of Devils Lake, at Woodland Resort.  Our kitchen staff work hours are 6am - 10pm.  We have two, locally raised chefs, trained from Le Cordon Bleu School in Medota Heights Mn.  We have a high volume Kitchen, with most food being scratch.  We cut our own steaks, grind and season our own burger, and make our sauces from scratch.  Anything from Nachos to King cut Prime Rib and everything in between.  We will have up to 100+ employees in the summer season.  Our fall and winters are also very busy times of year.  Woodland Resort is one of the Premier spots in North Dakota!  In August, we have Devils Lake Rockfest, "Rockin the Cove", which is a weekend concert on the marina.  All here at the resort, with over 3,000 people throughout the weekend, plus all the guests and campers!  Huge fun!

Mayville State University
Offering online and on campus majors to transfer into and earn bachelor's degrees. Our BAS--Business Administration degree will work for any transfer 2-year degree--even in the technical areas.

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