Summer Housing

NDSCS provides summer housing for students registered for summer classes or the upcoming fall semester classes. Summer housing is available in Forkner Hall. Students may also live in NDSCS apartments if they meet specific eligibility requirements.

Summer Housing Quick Links

Any questions regarding summer hosing can be directed to the Residential Life office at 701-671-2224 or email us at

2019 Summer Housing Rates
Room Type4 week session (6/2/19-6/28/19)8 week session (6/2/19-7/26/19)Early Summer (5/11/19-7/26/19)Late Summer (6/2/19-8/23/19)Full Summer (5/11/19-8/23/19)
Forkner Double$423$861$1,206$1,299$1,644
Forkner Single$552$1,124$1,574$1,696$2,146
Forkner Private$614$1,250$1,750$1,886$2,386
NW/SE Apt Double----$1,097
NW/SE Apt Single----$2,193
College Townhomes Double----$1,399
College Townhomes Single----$2,799

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