Stay & Save

Living on campus at NDSCS is affordable, convenient, educational and fun! The Stay & Save program at NDSCS offers a unique savings opportunity for students who remain in the residence halls after their first year of living on campus. 

Each year, housing and dining rates increase. Students who participate in Stay & Save will reserve a residence hall room AND retain the current dining plan rates for the following academic year. The rooms in Forkner and Riley Halls do not qualify for the Stay & Save rate; however, students will receive a discount on their dining plan and may still reserve rooms in those buildings during sign-up.

Stay & Save sign-up occurs during the last two weeks in February every year. Notifications of dates and times will be posted on this page and advertised around campus closer to the time of sign-up.

When you live on campus, you’re just steps away from your classrooms, study groups, social and athletic events, and so much more. Take advantage of the Stay & Save option and beat the price increases!

Feel free to contact the Department of Residential Life at 701-671-2224 with any questions regarding Stay & Save.

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