Room & Apartment Rates

2018-2019 Room Rates per Semester
Residence HallDoubleSingle*
Robertson, Walton and Schulz$1,410$1,945
Robertson, Walton and Schulz (Corner)$1,615$2,165
Nordgaard, Forkner and Riley$1,753$2,290
2018-2019 Apartment Rates per Semester
Apartment ComplexDoubleSingle
Northwest and Southeast Apartments$1,170$2,340
College Townhomes$1,492$2,985

*Single rooms are available on a limited basis.

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Students participating in academic programs that require them to be away from campus during the semester will not receive a discounted semester rate for their time away.

Please also be aware that if one roommate cancels their apartment agreement or their eligibility to reside in the campus apartments is terminated for any reason during the contract period, the remaining student will be responsible for the total rental amount from the day his/her rommate's check-out is processed by the Department of Residential Life and the roommate's keys are returned. 

Resident Assistants

Are you an NDSCS resident assistant? Thinking about applying to become one? One of the many benefits of becoming an RA on campus is a FREE single room! Click here to find out more.

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