Housing Options & Assistance for LGBTQIA Students

The Residential Life Department is committed to providing safe, inclusive and vibrant living environments for all students who live on campus. As part of this commitment, Residential Life and the Student Advocate work collaboratively to find the best suitable living arrangement available for LGBTQIA students seeking housing assistance and/or accommodations. NDSCS has a variety of living options that allow for reasonable accommodations, such as private rooms with private bathroom, single rooms and mixed gender halls and floors. Click here for information on the room rates for each room type. 

Residential Life responds to prospective and current student housing needs on a case-by-case basis. Given the importance Residential Life places on creating inclusive living spaces for all residents, in many cases we are able to make reasonable accommodations for needs students identify. As with any student who applies for on-campus housing, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be met. Please keep in mind, the earlier the Student Advocate can consider any questions or issues that you raise, the more flexibility Residential Life will have in assisting you with exploring different housing options. We encourage you to begin the discussion when you submit your housing and dining application.

You know best what you need or desire in a campus living environment. We are happy to help you explore those needs within the housing options we have to offer. 

If you are interested in speaking about housing options, please contact Allison Ching, Student Advocate, by calling the Student Success Center at 701-671-3000, sending an email to NDSCS.StudentAdvocate@ndscs.edu or stopping by Old Main 410C (4th floor of Old Main, Wahpeton). 

Click here to learn more about Safe Zone at NDSCS.

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