Student Senate

Student Senate is the governing body of the enrolled students at NDSCS.

So what does that mean? The Student Senate is here to serve you, the students. Along with the authority to regulate student social activities and extracurricular activities, the Senate offers many services to the student body and to student groups through the funding received in student fees every year. The Senate meets Mondays at 6 p.m. in the Student Leadership Room of the Hektner Student Center.

Contact a Senator for:

  • Discretionary Funding
  • Fund Raising on Campus
  • Chartering new Student Organizations
  • Input into College decisions

Get Involved in Student Senate

The Student Senate includes representatives from the instructional divisions at NDSCS. Students are encouraged to get involved with student government and other club activities. Contact a Senator or Student Senate advisor to learn how you can get involved.

The Student Government Constitution and Bylaws are listed below. The North Dakota State College of Science Student Senate is a member of the North Dakota Student Association.

NDSCS Senate Member Photos

Jessica Mastel

Joshua Chupp

Mason Rademacher

Luke Hollenbeck

Lizzie Brown

Nathan Dahl

Benjamin Olson

Logan Kleinsasser

Grant Davis

Student Senate Application

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Discretionary Funding

Service Learning

Petition to Organize

Club Constitution & Bylaws Template

NDSCS Senate Members

Jessica Mastel
Wahpeton, NDLiberal ArtsNDSCS Box
Joshua Chupp
Vice President
Berthold, NDRobotics, Automation & Mechatronics TechnologyNDSCS Box
Mason Rademacher
Administrative Assistant
Sauk Rapids, MNLiberal ArtsNDSCS Box
Luke HollenbeckVelva, NDJohn Deere Tech | Business ManagementNDSCS Box
Lizzie BrownWahpeton, NDLiberal ArtsNDSCS Box
Nathan DahlStreeter, NDArchitectural Drafting & Estimating TechnologyNDSCS Box
Benjamin OlsonHenry, SDLiberal ArtsNDSCS Box
Logan KleinsasserJamestown, NDInformation Systems AdministratorNDSCS Box
Grant DavisMaple Lake, MNDiesel Technology - KomatsuNDSCS Box


Adminstrative Liaison:

NDSCS Student Senate Constitution

North Dakota State College of Science Student Body and Student Senate

All registered students of the North Dakota State College of Science are members of the student body. The governing body of the enrolled students is the Student Senate. The Student Senate is the voice of the student body in all campus affairs.

The Student Senate, with advisor's approval, has the authority to regulate all student social activities and all extracurricular activities except choral, drama and athletic events. Allocated operational funds are provided from student fees, and the Student Senate and Campus Activities Board have complete control over their expenditures under the guidance of the advisors.

The Student Senate meets regularly to discuss agenda items, formulate policies and make decisions regarding students concerns, programs and, in collaboration with the Campus Activities Board, activities.

The Student Senate shall form sub-committees and appoint chairpersons to such committees as necessary. The Student Senate enlists the assistance and cooperation of all student organizations to help implement these programs and activities.

Constitution of the Student Body

We, the students of the North Dakota State College of Science, desire to establish this constitution and bylaws in order to have an effective and organized method of exercising the authority which is inherent in, or delegated to, the student body of the North Dakota State College of Science hereinafter called the student body.

The purpose of this organization is to govern the student clubs and organization and to represent the student body both locally with campus administration and on the state level with the North Dakota Student Association.

All bona fide students of the North Dakota State College of Science who pay the student activity fee, as officially established by proper authority, and are in good standing with respect to all college regulations, shall be considered members of the student body.

Governing Body
Section 1 - The governing group of the student body shall be called the Student Senate.
Section 2 - The members of the Student Senate shall be elected by the student body. The Student Senate shall be comprised of 14 total students, at least two first year students, two second year students, two students from the Arts, Science and Business Division and two students from the Technologies and Services Division or any combination thereof.
Section 3 - The officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President/North Dakota Student Association Head Delegate and an Administrative Assistant.
Section 4 - The officers named and implied in Section 3 of this Article shall be elected by the members of the Student Senate on the final regular spring meeting.
Section 5 - Election procedures to be followed are set up in Article I of the attached bylaws.
Section 6 - The Student Senate shall be responsible for furthering college spirit and encouraging worthwhile campus activities of the student body.

Section 1 - The Student Senate shall have such advisors as the President of the college shall deem necessary.
Section 2 - The advisors shall attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Student Senate in order to enlighten the members with regard to the college's official positions.
Section 3 - Advisors shall not vote.

Section 1 - Amendments to this constitution are approved by a majority vote of the Student Senate membership and the college Management Team.
Section 2 - The bylaws of this organization shall be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Student Senate membership.

Section 1 - This constitution shall replace and repeal any and all previous constitutions made by this student body.
Section 2 - This constitution and bylaws shall go into effect immediately following approval by the Student Senate membership and the college Management Team.

NDSCS Student Senate Bylaws

North Dakota State College of Science Student Senate Bylaws

Election Procedures
Elections of members to the Student Senate are conducted according to the following provisions:

Section 1 - Candidates are required to have at least a 2.5 semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA) to be eligible for the Student Senate. Prospective members who do not have a GPA from any College may use their transfer GPA; any students in their first semester of college may use their high school GPA. Members must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain in office. Senators who receive an incomplete grade from a previous semester will have 2 weeks starting at the beginning of the current semester to rectify and submit their updated grades.

Section 2 - Prospective students who are inquiring to become a senator shall prepare to lead the student body and be an active member in the Student Senate including:

  1. Participate in the community projects
  2. Attend meetings
  3. Be an active speaker and listener
  4. Talk to students across campus
  5. Be able to represent not only yourself but the school on the state/national level
  6. Give reports when deemed necessary by an officer.

Section 3 - Only members who plan to attend the North Dakota State College of Science for the entire academic school year are eligible to become a member of the Student Senate.

Section 4 - Each candidate for the Student Senate must file a petition for candidacy signed by at least 25 qualified voters, the Associate Registrar of Enrollment Services and the Executive Director of Student Services and Residential Life. Petitions must be submitted to the advisor of Student Senate by the stated deadline.

Section 5 - Senators will be elected in the spring to serve for the remainder of the academic year elected without a scholarship compensation until the next academic school year, and for as long as they wish to serve while attending NDSCS for subsequent years.

Section 6 - In the event a member of the Student Senate does not return to college, withdraws from college, resigns, or is asked to leave, the Student Senate shall have the option to nominate willing candidates and vote in a new Senator to fill the vacant position by a majority vote, or elect to continue on without filling the vacancy with the option to vote in a candidate later on in the school year.

Section 7 - Notice of Student Senate elections shall be marketed through various avenues at least two weeks prior to the date of the election.

Section 8 – In the event that the number of applicants is equal to or less than the number of open positions, interviews shall be conducted by a special committee of the Senate with the applicants, and new members shall be appointed at the recommendation of the committee.

Qualifications for officers of the Student Senate

Section 1 - All officers must be duly elected members of the Student Senate by the student body and voted in by Senate.

Section 2 - Be knowledgeable and/or willing to learn Robert’s Rules of Order.

Powers and duties of officers and members of the Student Senate

Section 1 - All officers and members of the Student Senate shall attend all meetings unless the advisor and/or president has excused the absence prior to the meeting time except in special circumstances decided by the Senate.

Section 2 - The President of the Student Senate shall:

  1. Call and preside over all meetings of the Student Senate.
  2. Have power to call for special reports from members.
  3. Have the power to assign duties.
  4. Has no vote except to cast the tie breaking vote of the Senate.
  5. Act as the official representative of the Student Senate at meetings and functions of the college, student body and community or appoint a member of the Student Senate to take his/her place as an official representative.
  6. Attend the Management Team meetings or appoint a member of the Senate to attend in their place.
  7. Prepare an agenda with help from the Vice President and Administrative Assistant for each regular meeting by the Friday of the previous week for regular meetings to make it available for Student Senate members.
  8. Call for special meetings when needed at the Presidents Discretion.
  9. Shall be provided with one copy of the Robert’s Rule of Order book, and provide each Student Senate member with a copy of the Robert’s Rule of Order Sparknotes guide.
  10. Be responsible for notifying all members of special meetings.

Section 3 - The Vice-President/NDSA Head Delegate shall:

  1. Call and preside over Student Senate meetings in the temporary absence of the President.
  2. Become President in the event that the President is no longer a member or choose to defer to hold the new president election.
  3. Serve as the NDSCS Head Delegate representative to the NDSA.
  4. If the Vice-President cannot attend an NDSA meeting they shall appoint a representative to attend said meeting.

Section 4 - The Administrative Assistant shall:

  1. Keep accurate minutes of all official Student Senate meetings and have them available by the Friday of the current week.
  2. Be responsible for handling correspondence between the Student Senate and outside sources. This shall include maintaining the information on the NDSCS website and other social media sources.
  3. Be responsible for keeping a permanent record of previous agendas, meeting minutes, special committee minutes, and other documents for the Student Senate.
  4. Call and preside over Student Senate meetings in the temporary absence of the President and Vice President.
  5. Call and preside over Student Senate meetings in the permanent absence of the President and Vice-President or choose to defer to hold the new president election.
  6. Coordinate all financial transactions and reporting of the financial condition of the Student Senate with the advisors.
  7. Prepare an annual budget and a budget for each semester with the advisor.
  8. E-mail clubs and maintain records of all fundraising request approvals and denials.

Section 5 - The Senators shall:

  1. Conduct themselves respectfully and professionally as leaders and representatives of the North Dakota State College of Science and student body while on campus, away from campus and online.
  2. Report any student concerns to the Senate.
  3. Be an active participant in Student Senate programs and activities.
  4. Attend at least three North Dakota Student Association meetings within their first academic year of being elected. Senators must attend at least one meeting within their first semester of being elected with the exception of those Senators elected in the second eight weeks of the spring semester.
  5. Be a member of at least one standing committee within a month of being elected.
  6. Senators who are elected to chair a committee must complete a committee report before the following meeting and present it to the Senate.

Meeting Time, Place and Attendance

Section 1 - The Student Senate shall meet at least once a week on the day and time most convenient for the members and advisors.

Section 2 - The Student Senate shall have the power to dissolve inactive clubs.

  • “Active” shall be defined as meeting once per semester.
  • Dissolution shall be overseen by the club advisor.
  • Upon failure to meet activity requirements, the club advisor shall send a written report to the Student Senate at the end of each calendar year.
  • Dissolution shall be finalized by the Student Senate.

Section 3 - The Student Senate shall meet in the Student Senate office in the NDSCS Student Center unless otherwise specified.

Section 4 - All members are expected to attend all meetings. Any member who fails to perform his/her assigned duties, is absent for more than three regular meetings, sub-committee meetings, or a combination thereof, within an academic year, without just cause, may be removed by a vote of the majority of the Student Senate. Also, three “tardies” or “early leaves” for any meeting shall result in one absence of a meeting.

Section 5 - Members of the student body may attend in reasonable numbers. Persons representing special interest groups may appear before the Student Senate to present their proposals if it is in the best interests of the College.

Section 6 - A quorum shall be necessary to transact any business. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Student Senate membership and an advisor.

Section 7 - Senators shall wear appropriate clothing when representing the college. Student Senators should wear NDSCS Student Senate clothing to each regular meeting and when the President and Advisor deem it appropriate.

Additional Powers of the Student Senate:

Section 1 - The Student Senate shall have the power to regulate all student activities which are sponsored by student organizations, involve the entire student body or are open to the entire student body. The Student Senate recognizes all NDSCS policies as official regulations governing student activities.

Section 2 - The Student Senate shall voice its opinions on matters of day to day operations of the school to official presiding bodies.

Section 3 - In the event that situations arise which are not specifically described or allowed for in this Constitution and Bylaws, the Student Senate shall have the power to act in the best interests of the student body so long as this action is not contradictory to policies of NDSCS.

Section 4 - One Student Senate member shall have open communication with the Faculty Senate once a month.

Section 5 - Students interested in establishing a student club/organization are required to be recognized by the Student Senate and should complete the following:

  1. Attend a regular meeting of the Student Senate to state the purpose of the organization and to receive authorization to carry out organization procedures.
  2. Obtain a copy of the "Petition to Organize and Establish an Organization" and a copy of the model constitution from the NDSCS website.
  3. Obtain signatures of at least fifteen students interested in forming the proposed organization and in becoming members.
  4. Obtain the written consent of one full-time faculty member to serve as faculty advisor.
  5. Have a representative of the proposed organization present the signed petition and ten copies of the proposed constitution to the Student Senate Administrative Assistant.
  6. Await notification of approval of the constitution before scheduling the first official meeting. (A two-week waiting period is required after submitting the constitution to enable the Student Senate to study the petition and the constitution).

Section 6 - Discretionary Funding

1. Discretionary funding is used for:

  • Monetary requests by clubs and organizations;
  • Student awards banquet;
  • Broadcast Music Inc., annual dues;
  • All joint activities that involve Senate.

2. The Process to distribute funds to clubs and organizations:

  • Add up number of members in all clubs.
  • Determine dollar amount to be awarded.
  • Divide award by total membership (this number is a per student figure).
  • Multiply by the number of individuals attending the activity.
  • Compare to 50% of the request.
  • May use other factors when needed.

3. Funding other organizations:

  • Student Senate reserves the right to fund and participate in CAB and other campus organizations for student activities.

Parliamentary Authority
The most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered in the NDSCS Constitution and Bylaws.

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