Exemption Policy

On-Campus Living Policy

All first-year students, including students who have transferred in, who have completed fewer than 24 college credits are REQUIRED to live on campus, unless the student meets one of the following:

  • Is 21 years of age or older.
  • Will be enrolled in nine or fewer credit hours during both the fall and spring semesters of this academic year.
  • Lives with a parent or legal guardian within a 50 mile radius of NDSCS.
  • Is married or has primary custody of a minor child.
  • Has extenuating circumstances.

A request for exemption from the on-campus living policy form (found below) must be completed and submitted to the Residential Life Department before August 1 for the upcoming fall semester and December 1 for the upcoming spring semester.

Request for Exemption

This form MUST be received by August 1 prior to Fall semester and December 1 prior to Spring semester to be considered. Late application for exemption may result in room assignments being made and charges being assessed. Please contact the Residential Life Office at 701-671-2224 with questions or concerns.

By typing my name in this box, I am stating that the information presented in this request is true and accurate. Students who submit false information are in violation of campus policy and may be subject to judicial action.

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