Online Class Access

Effective Summer 2014, NDSCS will have a new login page for the NDSCS Online course system. Students will now use their NDUS/CampusConnection login credentials to log into their online classes, companions and hybrids. 

To get to the login page go to and click “NDSCS Online” at the top of the page.  You will be brought to a web page with “North Dakota University System” at the top and NDUS Sign In boxes below. Enter your Username and Password used in CampusConnection and click “Sign In.” If you have trouble with the Username and password, you can get help from the NDUS Helpdesk at the link below the Sign In box. 

NOTE: Do not bookmark the login page. Doing so will result in errors during future login attempts.  Close the browser after logging out of your classes.

  • NOTE to Early Entry/High School Students - If you have not “Claimed your account” to activate your User ID and create a password, you will find instructions to do this on the Early Entry (Dual Credit) website (go to and click CampusConnection at the top of the page).

The “Preferred” email from student CampusConnection accounts are used for online class communications. Students need to update that information as needed to keep the class contact information current. Students should activate an NDSCS email account to receive notices from other departments at NDSCS. Instructions can be found at (be sure to enter your college address into your CampusConnection account and mark it “Preferred”).

Forgot Username and Password? 

Click the link on the login page for assistance ( or 866-457-6387).

Technical Problems within Your Class?

Contact the 247 Pearson helpdesk at, call toll free 877-740-2213, or chat online with a technician at Be prepared to provide specific details about the problem you are having.

Clear Cookies and Cache Frequently

Be sure you allow cookies when logging into online classes. Also clear your cookies and temporary Internet files often to help prevent common technical issues.

Log into Classes Regularly

Students who do not log in and submit class work for ten days or more risk being dropped from the class for not attending/participating and submitting assignments. See the Attendance Policy on the “Support for Online Students” webpage.

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