Blackboard Quick Guides

Blackboard is the learning management system used for NDSCS online classes as well as traditional face-to-face classes. The links below are to guide you through navigating the system as well as how to enhance your experience through additional tools.

Access to the Blackboard courses is through NDSCS Online, found in the header of the NDSCS website.

Text Message Notification Settings (for students)

Set up instructions and FAQ


Click the MyGrades item on the Course Menu in your classes to see your grades and instructor feedback for assignments submitted. View the video to learn more.

Getting Onboard with Blackboard

Part 1 - Getting Started

  • Finding Bb
  • Login Credentials
  • The NDSCS Online Homepage Information
  • Edit your personal information

Part 2 - A Look at Your Courses

  • Access Classes
  • Course Organization
  • Syllabus and Assignment Schedules

Part 3 - Assignment Reminders and How to Set Them

  • Notifications
  • Settings

Part 4 - Submitting Assignments in Blackboard

Part 5 - Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Tutoring Resources

NDSCS tutoring options

In addition to the campus and NDSCS Fargo Tutoring Services, an online tutoring service is available in each course in Blackboard called Smarthinking.

If you don't find the topic you need, search the Blackboard Help website or contact NDSCS Distance Education at or by calling 701-671-2347.


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