Research Guides

Allied Health


ALLData - Automotive Information (on campus only)
ALLData - Collision Database (Password Required)
Auto Reference Center


eBooks from Ebscohost - Downloadable eBooks on mostly academic subjects
NDSCS Overdrive - Download eBooks and Audio
ODIN - Books in our library and in North Dakota
WorldCAT - Worldwide book catalog

Community Resources

Controversial Issues

Electronic Reference Resources

Federal Government Information

General Directories

Information Please Almanac - Searches a variety of references
Infomine - Links to Internet academic resources
Internet Public Library
Librarian's Index to the Internet - Directory to Internet sites
LibrarySpot - Links to a variety of online resources
Open Directory - Volunteer web directory project
RefDesk - Indexes and reviews of information based sites
Very Strange Things - Enough said



Access World News - Search State, National, & International Sources
CIA World Factbook


Online Videos, eAudios and eBooks

Alexander Street Press 
Films on Demand - Online streaming video
Overdrive - eAudio and eBooks


FirstGov for Science - Federal Science and Technology sites
Journal of Animal Science

States & Tax Forms

Telephone and People

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