New Student Technology Setup

As a new student at NDSCS, you need to activate your online services by completing the steps below.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the NDSCS IT Service Desk at 701-671-3333.


1. Go to
2. Click Claim an NDUS Account
3. Take the 12-question Acceptable Use Quiz
4. Enter your date of birth and seven-digit Student ID number (also called your Emplid)
5. Click Continue
    • The screen will display your University System username (typically in the firstname.lastname format). You should use this when you log in to CampusConnection, NDSCS Online and other University System services.
6. Click Continue
7. Enter and confirm a new password
    • The password must contain between 8 and 16 characters and all of the following:
        - Letters (A through Z)
        - Numbers (0 through 9)
        - Nonalphanumeric characters ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) _ + - = { } | [ ] \ : “ ; ? , . /
    • Passwords cannot contain your name, your University System username or any spaces
8. Click the Save button
9. Provide answers to at least three of the Authentication Questions (to be used for recovering your password)
10. Click Save


1. Do this by visiting and clicking the Email link at the top of the page.
    • When logging in, your username will be your University System username (typically firstname.lastname) plus Note that is only used when logging in to your email.
    • Your email password is the same one you just created for CampusConnection.
    • Your NDSCS email address is your University System username (typically firstname.lastname) plus
For example, if your Campus Connection username is Lee.Smith, then your NDSCS email address is


To activate your NDSCS electronic-ID:

1. Go to
2. Below I do not know my Electronic ID or password, enter your last name and your Emplid (student ID number) and then click Continue
3. Enter your default password in an Xxx##YYYY format:
    • Xxx are the first three letters of your birth month, with the first letter capitalized
    • ## are the last two digits of your Student ID/Emplid
    • YYYY are the digits of your birth year
For example, if you were born in January 1998 and your Student ID is 1234567, your default password would be Jan671998.
4. Complete the Acceptable Use Policy quiz
5. Change your password
    a. Enter your old password (default password from above)
    b. Enter a new password
6. Select a security question and then enter your answer

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