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Gallon (16 cups) $11.75
Air-pot (12 cups) $8.75
Small pot (4 cups) $3.75

Iced Water: $2.95/gallon

12 oz. Cans: $1.00

Bottled Water: $1.35 each

Cider: $15.00/gallon

Punch: $16.00/gallon

6 oz. Cans $0.90
Gallon (Orange or Apple) $22.00
Bottles $1.85

Lemonade: $8.75/gallon

Hot Cocoa
Air-pot (12 cups) $11.50

Milk: $7.95/gallon

Baked Goodies

Assorted rolls: $0.95    
Raised Doughnut: $0.95
Cake Doughnuts: $0.89 
Turnovers: $1.25
Pastries: $1.40
Caramel Rolls: $1.10
Cinnamon Rolls: $1.10    
Regular Muffins: $1.00
Large Muffins: $1.29
Specialty Muffins: $1.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese: $1.40
Cream Cheese Packet: $0.70
Assorted Sweet Breads: $1.00

Assorted Cookies: $0.85
Monster Cookie: $2.59
Small Monster Cookie: $1.35

Assorted Bar: $1.00
Special K-Bar: $1.35
Seven Layer Bars: $1.35

Full Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet Cake Decorated: $83.00
Frosted Only: $55.00

Half Sheet Cakes
Half Sheet Cake Decorated: $65.00
Frosted Only: $42.00

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