What materials may I check out?

The library has many different collections available, all based on the curriculum taught at NDSCS. There are also leisure materials in the form of CDs, DVDs, Book Club fiction, graphic novels and a variety of general interest materials.

The library subscribes to all North Dakota daily newspapers, as well as some from bordering states. Some weekly papers are sent without charge by their publishers.

Library material in the public area may be used inside the library by anyone. These items and any material kept in closed stacks and behind the Circulation Desk may be checked out only with a valid library card.

Who can use the Library?

NDSCS Students 

Present valid student ID

  • Student spouses - complimentary card
  • Student high school children - complimentary card
NDSCS Employees

Present valid employee ID

  • Employee spouses - complimentary card
  • Employee high school children - complimentary card

Present valid barcoded ID

Students from other Colleges and Institutions

Free card with current ID

  • NDSU
  • University of Mary
  • Moorhead State University
  • Concordia College
  • M-State Fergus Falls 
Residents of Richland and Wilkin Counties 
  • Adults - three year fee $15
  • High school students - $5 fee, good until August 31 of Senior year
Retired Staff

Complimentary card

Graduates of NDSCS

Complimentary card

Corporate Card 
  • For business related use
  • Three year fee $30


Loan Periods & Overdue Fees
MaterialLoan PeriodGrace PeriodFees
Books3 weeks4 days$.20 per day
Magazines1 week4 days$.20 per day
CD, VHS, DVD1 week4 days$.20 per day

Renewals may be made up to three times per item as long as no one else has requested the material. Patrons may bring in the material to be renewed or may use the self-renewal option in ODIN. For more information about self-renewal, please ask at the Circulation Desk. Materials are subject to recall by faculty immediately and by other patrons after two weeks.

  • Non-Circulating: Reference, display periodicals and newspapers, microforms.
  • Materials are due on the date indicated.
  • Notices mean the material is already overdue. Do not wait to receive a notice before returning the item.

Library Fines
Fines are imposed on overdue materials as an incentive to return material when due. Patrons are encouraged to renew materials and avoid using the grace period or paying fines. Reserve materials have a much shorter grace period and fines accrue more quickly. Additional details on fines and charges should be requested by calling the Circulation Desk. Blocks are placed on the records of those with excessive fines. All charges must be satisfied before items can again be checked out.

Hold for Non-return Items
Students will be charged for items that are not returned. If any item is not returned on time, the student will be charged for the missing item as well as a processing fee. If the item is then returned, the charge will be reduced to the processing fee only, unless the item is damaged.

Records and registration may be held up if library fees are not paid. Contact the staff as soon as possible if you have any questions. Library records are confidential when students are notified of any fees.

Library Computer Use Policy

All users are expected to be aware of and adhere to the NDUS computer policy (please see the NDSCS Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities for a complete copy of the North Dakota University System Computer and Network Usage Policy). Any patron disregarding the NDUS computer policy may be refused use of the computers in the library, or anywhere on campus. Computers in the library are reserved for research purposes only.

  • Primary use is for searching ODIN and databases supplied by the library.
  • General Internet searching for research is permitted.
  • Games, chatrooms and non-research oriented uses are not permitted.
  • Only those computers designated for public use are available. Staff computers cannot be used by students or other public, because of confidentiality issues.
  • There will be a half hour time limit on each computer when the library is busy.
  • Reservations are not taken for the use of a computer. Usage will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who can use the computers in the Mildred Johnson Library?

  • Students, faculty and staff of NDSCS are the primary clientele of the library and will be given priority for computer use.
  • Other NDUS library card holders are secondary clientele and have limited, complimentary access subject to availability. This includes holders of state library cards.
  • Non-library card holders or general public may use computers only as space permits. They are reminded to use their local public or school library as their primary resource and to use the Mildred Johnson Library as a secondary resource. They also may be asked to give up use of a computer if a student or other NDSCS person needs the space.
  • Minors are to be supervised by their parents. The use of library materials by minors is the sole responsibility of their parents, who are reminded that some college level material is not appropriate for younger students. Unattended minors may be asked to leave the library, particularly if their behavior is inappropriate in an academic setting.

The library staff reserves the right to monitor screens, to suggest search strategies and to limit use of the computers and printers at their discretion. Privacy of searching is respected as long as the sensibilities of other patrons are recognized.

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