Student Vaccination Incentive

All NDSCS degree-seeking students (full-time or part-time) who are enrolled at NDSCS for Fall 2021 semester and could verify they were fully vaccinated received $100.


To be eligible, students had to be fully vaccinated (both shots of Pfizer/Moderna or one shot of J&J/Janssen) by October 15, 2021.

  • The following students were NOT eligible: benefitted employees who are taking classes at NDSCS; Early Entry students, collaborative students whose home institution is not NDSCS; Tri-College students whose home campus is not NDSCS.

Verification Process

Students requesting the $100 HEERF Incentive completed the HEERF III Vaccination Verification Request Form. NDSCS Student Health Service and their trained designees verified the vaccination through the corresponding state health department registry.

Students who were vaccinated outside of Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, were required to upload proof of vaccination into the request form. Proof of vaccination may be obtained through the student’s state registry. COVID cards were NOT be accepted due to fraudulent activity.

Once a student's vaccination status has been verified, the NDSCS Business Office was notified to issue the $100 to the student through their NDSCS account (check or direct deposit). NOTE: the payment was paid directly to the student via direct deposit or check; it was not be applied against tuition and fee charges.

Vaccination Incentive Questions

If students have questions regarding their Vaccination Incentive they should contact NDSCS Student Success at 701-671-3000 or via email