Celebrating the New Old Main

NDSCS Celebrates Completion of Iconic Old Main Renovation

The newly renovated Old Main, a well-known city and college landmark, officially re-opened its doors on September 10, 2015 in Wahpeton, N.D., at the North Dakota State College of Science. After 18 months of renovations, the 124 year-old building that started it all has now been restored and boasts a number of improvements, combining old architectural elements with today’s new technology.


Old Main Ribbon Cutting Program

Old Main History

Old Main History
  • In 1891, construction began on the building now known as Old Main to house the Red River Valley University. The building opened in 1902; classes started at the North Dakota Academy of Science in September of 1903.
  • After first renting space from the Red River Valley University, in 1908 an agreement was reached for the purchase of Old Main and 10 acres of land.
  • For many years, Old Main served as the sole building for the College, housing classrooms, offices, a library, dormitory and even cafeteria. The second floor functioned as a gymnasium and later an auditorium.
  • Old Main continues to stand as an iconic fixture on the NDSCS campus more than a century after its humble beginning. And perched atop the building, the infamous Old Main S’s will continue to cast their warm glow and light up the evening skyline for many years to come.

Old Main News Coverage

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