Tiny Tykes at NDSCS

Child Care Center
117 Northwest College Complex

Operation Schedule

Tiny Tykes at NDSCS operates in parallel to the academic calendar.**


7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Ages Served

6-weeks to Kindergarten

Enrollment is limited. Brochures with costs, hours and schedule are available at the Counseling office and Enrollment Services office. Interested students should contact the director at 701-640-3684.

**Due to low enrollment numbers at the NDSCS Tiny Tykes site, childcare services for the remainder of Spring semester 2014 will be provided at the Tiny Tykes main childcare center located at 923 4th Ave. S. in Wahpeton. Tiny Tykes does plan to return services to the campus location next fall. Students seeking childcare during spring semester, or next fall semester, may contact the Executive Director, Jamie Neppl, at 701-640-3684.

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