Training & Business

Workforce & Career Training - trainND

If you're looking for career training, our Workforce Training Division provides customized training for corporations and organizations, as well as open-enrollment training for individuals.

Career Opportunities

NDSCS provides a comprehensive benefits package that includes full health insurance premium coverage for single or family plans, a retirement plan, tuition benefits for employees, as well as for the spouse and dependents of the employee, as well as many other benefits. Explore our career opportunities.

Hire our Students & Graduates

Connect with students through career fairs, networking opportunities and online job postings. Learn more about NDSCS Career Services.

Business Partner Program

World-class partnerships are igniting first-class, high-paying opportunities for those who enter NDSCS as students and leave as career-ready professionals. Learn how you can partner with NDSCS.

Rent our Facilities

Facilities and room rentals are available in Wahpeton and Fargo. Explore rental options.

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