Fargo New Student Registration Day Preparations

Prior to New Student Registration
Activate Your Electronic Services

Visit www.ndscs.edu/TechnologySetup to find instructions on how to:

  • Claim your NDSCS account
  • Activate your electronic ID
  • Activate your NDSCS email account
Discuss Accessibility / Disability Needs with the NDSCS Accessibility Coordinator

If applicable, students should discuss criteria and procedures for opening a file. Click here for more information. The NDSCS Accessibility Coordinator can be reached at 701-671-2623.

What to Bring to New Student Registration
  • Family Members: While students’ family members are strongly encouraged to attend, it is not required. Family members will learn important information on how to support a student through their academic journey and hear about the services and resources NDSCS offers students. To minimize the risk and spread of COVID-19, we request that incoming students limit the number of family members/guests they bring with them to two individuals.
  • Immunization Records: If you haven’t already submitted your immunization records, please bring a copy with you. The NDUS State Board of Higher Education requires: MMR immunizations (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), immunity against meningococcal disease (for students 21 and younger; one dose after the 16th birthday) and TB testing for international students.
What to Do During New Student Registration

Students will learn more about what NDSCS has to offer and complete the following steps during New Student Registration:

  • Verify your CampusConnection account
  • Meet with academic faculty and staff to develop class schedule
  • Complete the Financial Obligation Agreement
  • Register for first semester classes and print a class schedule
  • Review the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet
  • Take picture for Student ID
  • Complete NDSCS New Student Questionnaire
  • Activate your NDSCS email account
  • Assistance with financial aid
  • Discuss your costs with Business Affairs Office 

Optional step students can complete during New Student Registration:

  • Discuss your needs with Accessibility Coordinator
  • Complete the FERPA Release Form. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records (available at the Information Desk or online at www.ndscs.edu/Privacy).
Course Placement (ACCUPLACER Testing)

Students are placed into Mathematics and English courses based on qualifying exam scores. The intent is to appropriately place students into courses that are both challenging and for which they are adequately prepared.

  • Students will be required to take the ACCUPLACER test if they do not have ACT official scores dated within the last five years or ACCUPLACER official scores dated within the last three years.
  • Students may be required to complete the ACCUPLACER test in one, two or three areas depending on their ACT scores. This will ensure students are placed in courses appropriate to their abilities (see below overview).
  • For further questions, call the Student Success Center at 701-671-3000.
ACCUPLACER Testing Required If:  
ACT English Score 17 or below
ACT Reading Score 17 or below
ACT Math Score 20 or below*

*Minimum math scores vary significantly depending on program. For all transfer programs (Liberal Arts), a score of 20 or below will be required to test. 

Click here for information about the ACCUPLACER test including what it is, testing locations, cost and how to prepare.  

Parking & Directions

Parking at NDSCS-Fargo is free on New Student Registration days.

What to Do Before Coming to Campus
  • Ensure all final official transcripts have been received by Enrollment Services - MUST be received by your first day of classes. Questions: 701-671-2521.
  • Ensure that Immunization Records (MMR, Meningococcal) have been received by Student Health Services (Questions call: 701-671-2286 or check with Enrollment Services). The NDUS State Board of Higher Education requires: two MMR Immunizations (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), immunity against meningococcal disease (for students 21 and younger; one dose after the 16th birthday) and TB testing for international students.
  • Watch your NDSCS email for important information about Registration.
  • Purchase your NDSCS parking permit
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit through CampusConnection.
Understanding Your Investment

It is important to know what college costs, how to pay for college and what steps students need to take in order to receive financial aid.

  • Apply for Financial Aid: Know where you are at in the Financial Aid process. Refer to Steps to Apply at www.ndscs.edu/paying-for-college.
    NOTE: Financial aid is awarded (approved) for the academic year, yet it's typically divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. Keep this in mind when applying for aid, as only half of your award will pay towards your fall costs, and the other half will pay towards your spring costs.
  • Apply for Scholarships: Additional information is available at www.ndscs.edu/Scholarships.
  • Complete your Master Promissory Note, Entrance Loan Counseling and the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment at studentaid.gov. You will need the FSA ID you used to complete the FAFSA.
  • Apply for Alternative Loans: You may not receive enough Federal Financial Aid for your costs at NDSCS. You will know if you will need additional student loans based on the Estimated Educational Cost printout you received at registration. A list of commonly used alternative funding sources is available at www.ndscs.edu/LoanOptions.
  • Submit outside scholarship checks to the Financial Aid office.
  • Submit Paperwork/Payments from Third Parties to Business Affairs, if applicable (ex. Military/Job Service/Voc Rehab/College Savings Plans).
  • Be sure you are prepared to cover your estimated costs for your first year. You received an Estimated Educational Cost printout when you attended registration, which included a first year estimate and an overall program estimate. If you are having difficulty finding enough funding to cover your first year costs, please visit with Business Affairs (payment plans, including toolkit payment options) or Financial Aid (additional aid options) prior to the start of classes. Additional information is available at NDSCS.edu/Paying-for-College.
  • Be aware of the Semester Payment Due Dates which can be found at www.ndscs.edu/Payment. Your semester balance should be paid-in-full by these dates, unless other signed arrangements have been made with Business Affairs.