Registration & Orientation - Wahpeton Students

STEP 1: Attend a Registration & Orientation Day

NDSCS New Student Registration and Orientation is a required informational day designed to help new students gain information about academic requirements, course offerings, campus activities, financial aid and how to become a successful student. Students will also meet with academic staff to develop a schedule and register for first semester classes. Attendance is required. Please plan for this to take about four hours to complete, depending on testing.

The information on this page is for students entering the NDSCS Wahpeton campus in Fall 2019

Click here to view available dates and RSVP.


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Registration & Orientation Days.

For questions or to request accommodations during New Student Registration and Orientation, please contact the Student Success Center at 701-671-3000 or

STEP 2: Wahpeton New Student Orientation & Welcome Week

This New Student Orientation is for students taking a majority or all classes at NDSCS Wahpeton. The orientation is designed to provide students with valuable information.

Click here for details about Wahpeton New Student Orientation & Welcome Week.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Student Success Center at 701-671-3000 or

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