College Readiness Academy

Prep for college during the NDSCS College Readiness Academy

A little pre-game preparation can’t hurt, and the College Readiness Academy is just the ticket. This eight-week program in June and July, held on the Wahpeton campus, will prepare you for both college courses and college life.

The academy is designed to help student to develop academic skills to increase your chances for success during college courses, college life and in the real world.

The College Readiness Academy offers a combination of preparatory courses to strengthen an individual’s reading and writing, math, science, study and computer skills. You will:

  • Experience college before you start.
  • Get the academic support you need.
  • Have fun & make friends.

This program is open to all college-bound students, not just those planning to attend NDSCS.

For more information, contact: 1-800-342-4325 ext 3-2622, or ext 3-2616.

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