Meet the Enrollment Team

NDSCS Recruiters

At NDSCS, we're here to help you succeed! Whether you're a brand new student or are contemplating returning to NDSCS, we can help you reach your goals. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Nicole Ashe

Title: Student Recruitment and Outreach Specialist
Territory: Cass County, North Dakota & Clay County, Minnesota
Call/Text: 701.231.6935

Courtney Diestler

Title: Enrollment Services Specialist
Territory: North Dakota (excluding Southeast Corner, Cass & Clay Counties)
Call/Text: 701.671.2188

Justin Grams

Title: Director of Admissions
Territory: North Dakota (excluding Cass County)
Call/Text: 701.671.2189

Hannah Holt

Title: Enrollment Services Specialist
Territory: Western Minnesota/Eastern South Dakota
Call/Text: 701.671.2234

Jim Johnson

Title: Enrollment Services - Twin Cities
Territory: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota & Wisconsin
Phone: 612.816.9252
Text: 612.260.5280

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