Online Program Advisors

All new and transfer students wishing to take online courses are encouraged to visit with a program advisor before registering for classes. Below is a list of the online program advisors and their contact information. Students are encouraged to maintain contact with their advisor as they progress through their program.

An academic advisor can help you with:

  • Developing an educational plan
  • Setting academic goals
  • Selection of appropriate courses for registration
  • Referral to and use of college support services
  • Clarification of career goals; answering questions about your program/major
  • Understanding college academic policies and procedures

Students may also contact an Academic Counselor in the Student Success Department for assistance.

For additional information about online classes, contact Distance Education at 800-342-4325, ext. 3-2347 (701-671-2347) or

Business Administration & Management - Business Technology Management

3rd year option or for students with A.A.S. from an accredited institution

Ann Smith
1-800-342-4235, ext 3-2302

Business Administration & Management - Marketing Management

Greg Anderson
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2172

Information & Communications Technology - Web Design & Web Developer

Web Design (Certificate) & Web Developer (AAS)

Bonnie Schillinger
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2496

Health Information Technician (AAS) & Medical Coding (Certificate)

Geralyn Matejcek
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2269

Pharmacy Technician (Certificate, AAS)

Barbara Lacher
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2114

Technical Studies

Dennis Broderick
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2263

General Liberal Arts/General Education

Brian Hagelstrom
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2419


Wade King
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2317

Arts, Sciences & Business Division Academic & Career Counselor

Dennis Broderick
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2263


Technologies & Services Division Academic & Career Counselor

Mindy Tayer
1-800-342-4325, ext 3-2257


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