GoArmyEd and GI Bill Workshops

For students using Federal Tuition Assistance, please utilize this date for assistance submitting your Tuition Assistance request for the Fall 2018 semester. Remember, your TA request MUST be submitted and approved prior to classes starting for the Spring semester.

  • December 5: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. | NDSCS Wahpeton Old Main 210

Join the North Dakota State College of Science Veteran's Certifying Official in a come-and-go workshop for assistance in completing your application for GoArmyEd and the GI Bill.

Representatives from the ND National Guard will also be available to assist with the process. No appointment necessary!

National Guard Education Benefits Workshops


Please have the following steps completed before you arrive to make the most of your time:

  • Register for classes at NDSCS
  • Register for GoArmyEd account
  • Complete the initial request for access training in GoArmyEd
  • Email the Registrar, Barb Mund at, and request a copy of your degree plan
GI Bill

Please have the following steps completed before you arrive to make the most of your time and remember to bring all identified documents.

  • Review the benefits at to determine which chapter of benefits you will be applying for
  • Bring the following documents if applicable: DD 214 (Member Copy 4), NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility), Kicker Contract
  • If applying for Ch. 35 or Ch. 33 Transfer of Entitlement, you will need to know the veteran’s file number (typically the veteran’s Social Security Number)
  • If you have already applied for your GI Bill benefits and have received your Certificate of Eligibility, please send a copy to Allison Ching at

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