Contact Information

NDSCS Contact Information

NDSCS VA Certifying Official
Allison Ching
Old Main 110A

Business Affairs Office Manager
Aimee DeVries
Haverty Hall Room 139
*Aimee will need a copy of the Tuition Assistance approval form for students receiving Tuition Assistance

Financial Aid Office

Enrollment Services

Other Resources

ND Education Office (FTA)
(701) 333-3071

ND Air National Guard TA
(701) 333-3008

MN Education Office (FTA)
(651) 282-4589

Go Army Ed Helpline
(800) 817-9990

VA Automated System

Enrollment Verification
1-877-823-2378 or and select Verify Attendance (WAVE) link

  • Check information about payments and remaining entitlement, change addresses and seek assistance from a case manager when there are questions or problems.

Direct Deposit

  • Set up direct deposit.
  • Verify enrollment each month for Chapters 30, 1606, 1607 and VRAP

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