Apply for Admission

High school students who wish to enroll in college courses need to complete the Application for Admission process. Classes taken as an Early Entry student will become part of your college transcript.

  1. Complete the Application for Admission online.
  2. Pay the $35 application fee. 
  3. Provide an official “in progress” high school transcript.
  4. Provide an official transcript from any other colleges in which you have been enrolled.
  5. Provide ACT or ACCUPLACER test scores if taking college English or Math classes.
  6. Complete the NDSCS Credit Registration Form, signed by student and parent/guardian.
  7. FERPA Release Form – This form is voluntary. It allows NDSCS to release educational records upon request.
Re-Application for Admission

Students who have had a break in enrollment at NDSCS of one semester or more will need to complete the Re-Application for Admission to reactivate their record.

  1. Go to the Application for Admission page.
  2. Choose “Re-Admit Student” in the Admit Type field.
  3. Submit official college transcripts for all colleges attended after leaving NDSCS and other official documents, if not previously submitted.
Entry Level Requirements for English and Math

NDSCS has implemented entry-level requirements for English and math classes. Students need 18 or higher on their ACT English and reading scores to take English classes. Students need 21 or higher on their ACT math score to take math classes. Students with ACT scores below those required or who have not taken an ACT test may take the ACCUPLACER assessment to determine correct course placement. ACCUPLACER is an online testing program administered at approved test sites around the United States. NDSCS is an approved test site. To schedule an ACCUPLACER test, contact the NDSCS Wahpeton Test Center at 701-671-2256 or or contact the NDSCS-Fargo Test Center at 701-671-3900 or

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