Student Government Overview

Student Senate is the governing body of the enrolled students at NDSCS.

So what does that mean? The Student Senate is here to serve you, the students. Along with the authority to regulate student social activities and extracurricular activities, the Senate offers many services to the student body and to student groups through the funding received in student fees every year. The Senate meets Mondays at 6 p.m. in the Student Senate Room of the Hektner Student Center.

Contact a Senator for:
  • Discretionary Funding
  • Fund Raising on Campus
  • Chartering new Student Organizations
  • Input into College decisions
Get Involved in Student Senate

The Student Senate includes representatives from the instructional divisions at NDSCS. Students are encouraged to get involved with student government and other club activities. Contact a Senator or Student Senate advisor to learn how you can get involved.

The Student Government Constitution and Policy Sheet are available at the Student Life Office, 130 Riley Hall. The North Dakota State College of Science Student Senate is a member of the North Dakota Student Association.

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