Residential Life Overview

Are you ready to experience life in the dorms? While the idea of living in a residence hall and having a roommate might seem nerve-wracking, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This is where some of your best college memories will be made—crazy all-night study sessions with friends, late-night pizza runs with your roommate, learning the joys of doing your own laundry and maybe even attempting to cook. Forget your nerves and get ready for some fun!

Helpful Information

Top 8 Reasons to Live on Campus at NDSCS

  1. Convenient and within walking distance to everything on campus
  2. Safe and secure living environment
  3. Affordable room rates, ranging from $1,125-$2,871 per semester
  4. On-campus community of friends and support
  5. Grab hold of your independence
  6. Choose from 6 Traditional Residence Halls or 3 Apartment Complexes
  7. Honors Hall available for qualifying students
  8. Resident Assistants available 24/7


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