GUESS Project

GUESS What? You're Invited!

The GUESS Project's mission is to promote girls’ interest in STEM careers!

Girls spend a ‘day in the lab’ doing hands-on experiments focused around the emerging technology areas of nanoscience, alternative energy, microelectronics, biotechnology, engineering and more. We can even customize for your school!

  • Students spend the day doing hands-on experiments in a high tech laboratory at one of NDSCS’s two locations (Fargo or Wahpeton)
  • GUESS Project leaders are dynamic, female STEM-professionals
  • Schools across North Dakota are invited to participate and travel costs are covered
  • Give your students a sneak preview of the enormous career opportunities in technology/engineering fields!
  • Examples of activities include:
    • Compare the Hair – Use the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to see the difference in hair that has been bleached versus un-colored, natural hair.
    • Complete the Circuit – Use a Makey-Makey to complete the electronic circuit and be prepared to be amazed! This activity is for creative artists and budding inventors!
    • Corn Starch, Water and...Eggs – Can you keep an egg from breaking when it hits the ground? Find out! Warning: This activity may get messy!!


NDSCS-Fargo Lab
1305 19th Ave. N. Fargo, ND

NDSCS Wahpeton Campus - NEW for 2014-15!
800 6th St. N. Wahpeton, ND

Already attended the GUESS program?

Join us for GUESS Again, a day focused on nontraditional careers for women such as welding and electronics. Click here to watch the 2012 Guess Again video!

Need Additional Information?

For additional information and to reserve your date, contact Kristin Brevik, NDSCS STEM Outreach Specialist at

100% of the funding for these projects ($9,000 each for a total of $27,000) was provided by the Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006

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