Reverse Transfer


Q: What is the Reverse Transfer initiative?

A: The Reverse Transfer initiative provides an opportunity for students who transfer from North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) to a four-year NDUS institution to apply credits from both institutions toward an associate degree. This partnership gives students an additional opportunity to use credits they have earned to complete a degree, and establishes a policy and process to allow and encourage students to transfer their coursework from a four-year NDUS institution to NDSCS for the specific purpose of obtaining an associate degree. The Reverse Transfer is especially helpful for students who planned to, but will not be able for some reason, earn a bachelor’s degree.

Q: How many credits are required to earn an associate degree through the Reverse Transfer process?

A: Students need to have earned at least 24 credits from NDSCS.

Q: Which programs are eligible?

A: When students apply for a degree through the Reverse Transfer initiative, they will have an opportunity to list the program from which they believe they are qualified to graduate. NDSCS staff will review all applications and all academic records to ensure all applicants have the required number of credits as well as the appropriate credits for that program.

Q: Are there any other requirements for a student to be eligible for Reverse Transfer?

A: In addition to earning the required credits, students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Reverse Transfer:

  • Successfully completed at least 24 credits from the community college,
  • Earned at least 15 credits from the university,
  • Previously attended a community college before transferring to a university,
  • Be in academic good standing at both institutions.
Q: Who should students contact to find out if they are eligible or to start the process?

A: NDSCS Contact: Barb Mund, Director of Admissions and Records, 701-671-2204,

Click here to begin your Reverse Transfer Application.

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