Welding Technology

Earn your diploma or degree in Welding Technology at NDSCS.

‚ÄčThe Welding Technology program at NDSCS is designed to provide you experienced in welding as it pertains to assembly, manufacturing, energy and construction. 

The program provides education and training in common welding processes, robotics, CNC plasma cutting, CNC press break operations, inspection, print reading, fabrications, pipe and plate welding, automated manufacturing, human relations, communications and other aspects of general education. 

Career opportunities offer a wide range of employment possibilities in: 

NDSCS is an American Welding Society S.E.N.S.E. certified facility. AWS Level I and Level II certification is available. The NDSCS Welding program is an educational partner with Weld-Ed the National Center for Welding Education and Training. 


Programs, Degrees & Certificates


Welding Technology Diploma or Associate Degree
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Welding Technology Certificate
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Placement Report

Welding Technology, Basic/Advanced Graduates from 2012-13 Academic Year
Graduates Registered Jobs Reported Avg. Beginning Monthly Salary High Monthly Salary Placement Rate
65 109 $2,865 $4,333 100%

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