Powersports Technology Request for Repair Work

General Policies:

  1. Instructors select lab projects for their instructional value. Projects may not be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Instructors reserve the right to reject work requested if instructional needs are not met.
  2. The mission of Powersports Technology Program is to train service technicians. Therefore, no rush jobs will be accepted.
  3. No parts are to be furnished by the customer unless approved by the instructor.
  4. NDSCS will not warranty repairs when required parts are not replaced at the owner's request.
  5. Projects will remain in the lab until all shop work is completed and approved by the instructor, and paid for by the customer.
  6. NDSCS does not extend credit for any repairs. All costs must be paid before delivery.
  7. Customer must pick up completed projects within 5 days after being notified. Arrangements must be made or a storage charge will be added to the bill.
  8. Projects must be delivered and picked up during normal lab hours. Hours will vary from semester to semester.
  9. NDSCS is not responsible for fire or theft.
  10. Major repairs may require a deposit before work continues.
  11. Workmanship and replacement parts have a 30-day warranty. In case of a failure, units will be brought back to NDSCS at the owner's expense.
  12. Warranties are only on those components of the vehicle that NDSCS has worked on.
  13. Individuals with complaints should first contact the Powersports Technology Department. If the problem is not resolved, the individual should contact the department chairperson.
  14. No warranty offered on dirt bikes, high-performance or modified vehicles.
  15. Labor will be billed at a maximum of $20.00 per flat rate hour. All parts will be billed at retail prices.
  16. Freight and phone expenses will be added to the repair bill when applicable.

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