NDSCS Pharm Tech at Bismarck State College

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Enroll in the Pharmacy Technician Program at NDSCS in Wahpeton, online or now at Bismarck State College (BSC).

Students can enroll at NDSCS, but attend college at BSC located in Bismarck, N.D. General education classes are to be provided by BSC, while the technical components of the program are taught by NDSCS Pharmacy Technician faculty through interactive video and online classes. Upon completion of the program, students will earn their degrees from NDSCS. 

Pharmacy Technicians LEARN SMARTER and EARN FASTER

  • 100% placement rate
  • Face-to-face general education classes at BSC
  • Live video format for NDSCS classes
  • Classroom, laboratory and practical experience
  • 2-year A.A.S. and 1-year Certificate options
  • Only Pharmacy Technician degree offered from the North Dakota University System
  • Accredited by ASHP/ACPE
  • Excellent PTCB pass rate


Email: alliedhealthcareers@ndscs.edu

Barbara Lacher
Associate Professor Pharmacy Technician

Patti Wells
Health Careers Office Manager

Trese Saar
Health Careers Administrative Assistant


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