Performing Arts

Performing Arts at NDSCS: Choir, Band and Theater

If you’re interested in performing arts, NDSCS has instrumental and vocal music ensambles, as well as theater.

Concert Choir 

The NDSCS Concert Choir performs a variety of music from the 16th to 20th Centuries, and is open to all singers. Current members are pursuing a variety of associate degrees in fields such as music, speech/communications, drama, pre-med, pre-dentistry, nursing, criminal justice, pre-law, education, psychology, dental hygiene, electrical, computer, auto technology, diesel technology, and John Deere Parts. 

Concert Band 

The Concert Band performs a variety of band literature for both student and public functions. From this group comes the stage band, marching band, and a number of ensembles. It is open to all students who play musical instruments. Many college instruments may be borrowed. 

Wildcat Singers 

The NDSCS Wildcat Singers perform popular music including Country, A Cappella, Rock, Popular, Jazz. This select ensemble provides entertainment at a variety of events for the college, within the community, and on tour.  

Wildcat Stage Band 

The NDSCS Stage Band performs music from Country to Jazz to Rock. This select ensemble provides entertainment at a variety of events for the college, within the community and on tour. 


The NDSCS Theater club presents several productions each year. Members take educational trip to other theaters to learn about different types of work.

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