RN Program Updates

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If you're an LPN interested in becoming an RN, apply for the NDSCS Registered Nursing program today!

  • 100% Placement Rate
  • Competitive Enrollment
  • Limited Class Sizes
  • Established Articulation Agreements
  • Excellent NCLEX Pass Rate

Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2017 and 2018!

RN Program Updates

Due to accreditation changes and requirements, the current one-year Registered Nursing degree option for current LPNs will only be available until 2018. A new two-year RN program option will be available for future students without an LPN degree with an anticipated start date of Fall 2017.


Email: alliedhealthcareers@ndscs.edu

Ruth Gladen
RN Program Coordinator

Trese Saar
Health Careers Administrative Assistant

Patti Wells
Health Careers Office Manager

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