Program Selection Process

For detailed information about the NDSCS Nursing programs, including fact sheets, the selection process and checklists, FAQs, resume and essential functions, please review the below documents.

Registered Nursing Program Transfer/Articulation Agreements

The North Dakota State College of Science has developed numerous program articulation agreements with several institutions to aide in the process of transferring to a university after earning an associate's degree at NDSCS. The NDSCS Nursing Program articulates with many colleges and universities in North Dakota and Minnesota, including Mayville State University, Minot State University, the University of North Dakota, Concordia College, Minnesota State University Moorhead and the University of Mary. 

Click here to view our transfer agreements.

NDSCS Wahpeton Nursing Programs

Practical Nursing (AAS) - Two Year Program & Selection Process Information - Spring 2019/Fall 2019

Registered Nursing (AAS) - Two Year Program & Selection Process Information - Fall 2019

Registered Nursing (ASN) - One Year Program & Selection Process Information - Fall 2019

Wahpeton Nursing Supplemental Program Application


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