Mechatronics Technology

Get hands-on training with emerging technical systems in the Mechatronics Technology program at NDSCS.

‚ÄčThe NDSCS Mechatronics Technology program trains you to be prepared for the dynamic field of mechatronics. 

Mechatronics is the combination of disciplines used in manufacturing and production facilities such as: 

Mechatronics technicians will troubleshoot, repair, install and program automated manufacturing systems. Some of the industries that employ people with these skill sets are manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, energy, defense and agriculture.

Scholarship Opportunity 

Scholarships are available through the NDSCS STEM Scholars Program funded by a National Science Foundation grant.

Programs, Degrees & Certificates


Mechatronics Technology
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Placement Report

Mechatronics Technology Graduates from 2013-14 Academic Year
Graduates RegisteredJobs ReportedAvg. Beginning Monthly SalaryHigh Monthly SalaryPlacement Rate

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