John Deere Tech

NDSCS has partnered with John Deere to offer a focused two-year technician program.

The NDSCS John Deere Tech program prepares you for a career in the high-tech, fast-paced world of a John Deere Service Technician.

As part of the John Deere PowerUp program, you learn through classroom, hands-on lab work, and John Deere dealership internships—tremendous opportunities to learn in the real world. 

You’ll cover John Deere diesel engines, powertrains, hydraulics, and machine set-up systems in-depth. You’ll become proficient with high-tech electronics, computer diagnostics, and proprietary John Deere systems. But you’ll also benefit from learning the communication and customer relations skills essential for your success.


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John Deere Tech
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Placement Report

John Deere Tech Graduates from 2012-13 Academic Year
Graduates Registered Jobs Reported Avg. Beginning Monthly Salary High Monthly Salary Placement Rate
30 148 $2,800 $5,000 100%

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