Careers in Energy Week

October 17-21, 2016

What is Careers in Energy Week?

The week is part of a concerted nationwide effort to promote awareness of energy careers and future workforce needs. NDSCS is a member of the Dakota Energy Workforce Consortium, a partnership of colleges and electric and gas/electric utilities in North Dakota and South Dakota, which is leading state and local efforts.

Learn more about National Careers in Energy Week by visiting and follow #CareersinEnergyWeek and #DakotasEnergyWorkforce.

NDSCS Careers in Energy Week Activities
  • October 17-21 | NDSCS Mildred Johnson Library, static display celebrating Careers in Energy Week.
  • October 17 | Slade Fitzgerald (NDSCS Electrical Technology Faculty) presenting information on how to be successful in the new economy at Bismarck Area Career Academy to students, parents, teachers and counselors.
  • October 19 | Jeremy Retzlaff (Tatanka Wind Farm in Ashley, ND) presenting information on wind generation to NDSCS students.
  • October 20 | NDSCS Program Outreach Specialist, Tana Erbes, presenting information of industry sponsorships available to first-year NDSCS students.
  • October 20 & 21 | Discovery Day for area high school students. Learn about Electrical Technology and other academic program options available at NDSCS. Register to attend Discovery Days by clicking here.

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