Diesel Technology

Earn your degree in Diesel Technology in one of the nation's premier diesel tech educational facilities at NDSCS.

Gainful Employment Information for Diesel Technology

Students in the NDSCS Diesel Technology program get hands-on training on construction, agricultural and transportation equipment from industry leaders.

The program covers:

The Diesel Technology program operates in 4 quarters, instead of 2 semesters. Students can start or stop every 8 weeks and have the option of starting in August, October, January or March.

The NDSCS Diesel Technology program is accredited by the AED Foundation.

Programs, Degrees & Certificates


Diesel Technology - General Diesel
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Diesel Technology - General Diesel  photo

Automotive and Diesel Master Technician (Diesel Tech Graduates)
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Automotive and Diesel Master Technician (Diesel Tech Graduates) photo

Placement Report

Diesel Technology Graduates from 2017-18 Academic Year - Includes General Diesel, Case IH, Komatsu and Auto & Diesel Master Technician
Graduates RegisteredJobs ReportedAvg. Beginning Monthly SalaryHigh Monthly SalaryPlacement Rate

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