Diesel Technology - Komatsu

The NDSCS Diesel Technology - Komatsu program combines state-of-the-art, on-campus training with internships at a sponsoring Komatsu dealership.

NDSCS and Komatsu America Corporation have partnered to offer a two-year diesel technology program focused on Komatsu construction equipment and related products.

Students will get hands-on training in one of the largest diesel technician facilities in the country. A combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory instruction and cooperative educational work experience at participating Komatsu dealerships, will provide students with extensive experience servicing Komatsu equipment.

Participating Komatsu Dealership Partners:

General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.
Fargo, N.D.

Road Machinery & Supplies Co.
Savage, Minn.

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Diesel Technology - Komatsu
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