River Valley Inn Restaurant

The River Valley Inn, a restaurant operated by students in the Culinary Arts program, features a variety of menus during spring semester. Spring semester days and hours of operation are listed below:

Tuesdays & Thursdays
5 to 7 p.m.
Red River Valley Room
Hektner Student Center

  • Due to limited seating, reservations are required.
  • Please call 701-671-2405 for reservations beginning Tuesday at 1 p.m. the week prior to the restaurant date.
  • Please do not call early for reservations.
  • Large groups (more than 6) will be accommodated when possible, but may not be seated in the same section.
2016 Restaurant Dates

19 & 21 – Fine Dining

Menu: Fine Dining

$45 per person

Course I: Amuse Bouche

Smoked Salmon – Chive Oil

Course II: Salad

Radicchio – Blood Orange – Butter Lettuce – Hazelnuts
Rainbow Carrot – Lemon – Honey

Course III: Appetizers

Shrimp, Caper Aioli – Scallop, Saffron Aioli, Crispy Beet – Octopus, Endive, Citrus
Beef Carpaccio – Balsamic – Fried Caper
Mushroom Ravioli, Truffle Oil – Three Cheese Ravioli, Marinara – Sweet Potato & Chevre Ravioli, Demi 
Chicken Wing – Egg – Chicken Skin – Hollandaise

Couse IV – Soup

Smoked Potato – Chive Oil
Roasted Garlic – Crab – Parmesan

Course V – Pallet Cleanser

Minted Cucumber Juice

Couse VI – Cheese Plate

Stilton – Smoked Gouda – Parmesan – Camembert

Course VII – Main Course

Salt Crusted Lamb Chop – Smashed Fingerlings – Asparagus – Demi Glace – Crispy Beets
Swordfish – Squid “Angel Hair” – Lemon – Edamame – Tomato
Beef Tenderloin Medallions – Spinach Puff Pastry – Rainbow Carrots – Beurre Rouge – Roasted Tomato
Venison Tenderloin – Polenta Croquette – Pea Puree – Rainbow Carrots – Asparagus Curls
Duck Confit – Parsnip Puree – Garlic Kale – Roasted Carrots – Dijon Demi – Candied Bacon Crumbs
Burrata Cheese – Roasted Vegetables – Balsamic – Chive Oil – Sweet Tomato Sauce

Course VIII – Dessert

Cheese Cake Squares – Lime – Orange Cream – Chocolate – Vanilla
Red Wine Poached Pear – Blood Orange – Granola – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Chocolate Covered Vanilla Panna Cotta – Berries – Citrus Powder

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