Job Shadowing Information

If interested in the Building Construction Technology program, we strongly encourage partaking in a Job Shadow. A Job Shadow is your opportunity to spend some time with construction professionals to understand what they do on a daily basis and what a typical work environment may look like.

Job shadowing is a great way to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the job elemets of their career choice.
  • Determine if the career is compatible with their interests and abilities.
  • Learn what type of education is needed to gain entry to this career.
  • Make contact with a potential future employer in your local area.

Below is a list of companies that are partners with NDSCS in offering job shadow opportunities based on location. We strongly encourage you to contact these companies directly for available dates and times. Job shadows typically require 2-4 hours of time. If these companies are not near your area, please reach out to other companies in your locale.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jeremy Hoesel at regarding these opportunities.

Capital City ConstructionBismarck, ND
Northwest ContractingBismarck, ND
Gast ConstructionFargo, ND & Wahpeton, ND
Comstock ConstructionFargo, ND, Wahpeton, ND & Fergus Falls, MN
Construction EngineersFargo, ND, Grand Forks, ND & Watford City, ND
Roers ConstructionFargo, ND, Grand Forks, ND, Dickinson, ND & Bismarck, ND
TF Powers ConstructionFargo, ND
Hillerud ConstructionJamestown, ND
Hammers ConstructionPerham, MN
Greystone ConstructionShakopee, MN
Associated General ContractorsState of ND

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