College Readiness Courses

Based on ACT and/or ACCUPLACER scores, college readiness courses may be required before you can take college level English and Math courses or as a companion. A personal program of study will be developed based on scores, just for you. College readiness courses are offered each semester.

Reading Courses

ASC 82 Effective Reading:
Provides strategies to increase reading efficiency by building vocabulary, and improving basic writing and studying skills. (3 credits)

ASC 84 Critical Reading:
Develops critical reading comprehension and thinking skills through interpretation of selected reading materials. Includes distinguishing between fact and opinion, drawing inferences and conclusions, analyzing the organization of material, seeing relationships. (2 credits)

Writing Courses

ASC 86 College Writing Prep I
College Writing Prep I is a writing course designed to help students gain the skills of sentencing and paragraphing. Through conferencing, the instructor and student identify and prioritize writing problems. This course is designed to prepare students for College Writing Prep II. (2 credits)

ASC 87 College Writing Prep II
College Writing Prep II is a writing course designed to help students gain the skills of paragraphing and essay writing. Through conferencing, the instructor and student identify and prioritize writing problems. This course offers a transition to entry-level English composition courses. (2 credits)

ASC 88 Composition Lab:
Provides supplemental and developmental instruction for students taking English 110 course. (1 credit)

Math Courses

ASC 90 Math Prep:
Improves basic math computational skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals. (2 credits)

ASC 91 Algebra Prep I:
Designed for students with little or no algebra background who wish to prepare for further study in mathematics. (2 credits)

ASC 92 Algebra Prep II:
Designed for students who need to review and strengthen basic algebra concepts. (2 credits)

ASC 93 Algebra Prep III:
Designed for students who want to improve their higher algebra skills such as quadratic equations and rational expressions in preparation for college level algebra. (2 credits)

The following preparatory courses may be requested, depending on individual needs.

General Education Courses

ASC 75 College Study Skills:
Provides an overview of basic study skills, including note taking, outlining, effective textbook reading, and testing. Also discussed are self-motivation, learning, listening, and time management techniques. (1 credit)

ASC 60 English Language and Grammar Skills:
This course reviews grammar, punctuation, mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary. (1-2 credits)

ASC 67 English as a Second Language:
Helps students who speak English as a Second Language to communicate effectively in daily life. Areas of concentration include speaking, listening, reading and writing. (1-2 credits)

Math and Science Courses

ASC 70 Computer Prep
Introduces students to personal computer use. Includes fundamentals of computer systems and basic software applications. (1 credit)

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